Sunday, June 2, 2013

H: hello hot, humid

Dear Maya,

Another week with a rough start, slow middle and beautiful end. Your runny nose has been hanging on for a couple weeks now even though your cold was gone in a day or two. But it was mommy's nose that sent us home from the library story hour early on Tuesday--I couldn't stop sneezing!

Mid-week we had another tornado warning in the area!?! And the weather was super hot and humid for much of the week, as if we just skipped spring and fell smack dab in the middle of summer. You got to spend time in your kiddie pool and playing in soil while mommy repotted plants and rearranged the deck the other day. Mommy lost track of time and ended up with a slight sunburn on her shoulders, but you just turned a slight bit browner even though you were running around in the buff!

We studied "H" this week with "hat" being our key word. You caught on to this letter much more quickly it seems, partly because you like hats and we acquired this new one recently. If it stays this hot next week, studying "I" and "ice" will be a very welcome treat!

This weekend was pretty awesome for you except for the annoying grocery shopping, I'm sure. Yesterday we went to your great-grandparents' house again and you ate all kinds of yummy foods and continued to improve your bike-riding skills. Today you fell asleep straight out of the bath, still in your monster towel, and slept for three hours! Later we did a little shopping, stopped for ice cream cones, then came home and stomped in puddles and played with bubbles. What more could a toddler want?

Well, my little miss, mommy's looking forward to another week of new words, new milestones and new surprises with you! Love you!

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