Sunday, February 28, 2016

Japan 2016, Part 3!

Photo credit to Maya!
Dear Maya and Emi,

Our trip to Japan has come to an end. We were sad to say goodbye to your grandparents and other relatives and friends there, but we're also happy to see our house and our kitty and our family back home. Now if we could just get over the jet lag more easily...

Taking up where we left off last blog post:

  • Last Friday we went to the Lantern Festival in Nagasaki City. We walked all around the city looking at the lanterns, stopping in the shops, and tasting lots of Chinese-inspired foods. We also went to mommy's favorite stationery shop as well as shopping for a new suitcase as one of our bit the dust. Unfortunately we weren't able to make it to visit mommy's old university like we wanted due to a bit of a diaper disaster, but we still had a really good day.

  • On Saturday we went to a hot spring bath. Then on Sunday, you went to the sea with your grandfather while Emi stayed home with us while friends came over to visit. We also went to a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant for dinner. Yum, yum!
sushi pics by grandpa
  • Monday we went to pay our respects at the family grave site. Maya, you earnestly helped clean off the gravestones and place the incense sticks. In the afternoon your grandparents took you to yet another park while mommy and daddy got some work done. You two tired them out!

  • Tuesday the weather wasn't so great, so we went to an arcade. They had lots of interactive games for kids so you both loved it! We also took a turn in a purikura (photo sticker) booth that made our eyes huge. It was weird but fun! That night we took you out to a karaoke party with our friends, Maya. You didn't sing a lot, but when you did you looked so serious. In between, you had a blast singing and playing with the other kids, though. Good times!

karaoke party pics by daddy
  • Wednesday was our last full day in Nagasaki. We went to a hot spring bath again and to the old-fashioned toy store that mommy loves. We spent the rest of the day visiting some local relatives and enjoying the last of our time with your grandparents.


  • Wednesday night I borrowed your grandfather's camera memory card and look at all the beautiful treasures I found! Both he and your grandmother took you especially, Maya, on lots of park and beach outings while we were in Japan and it's so nice to see what they saw!

Admiring your grandpa's handmade Noh masks!

  • Thursday we flew from Nagasaki to Tokyo and stayed in a hotel there. Then Friday morning we checked out and headed to the airport with about 5 hours to spare before our flight. Luckily there was a fun play area, plus lots of neat shops to browse in. Our flights home were long, and we were all understandably bored, tired, and cranky at times, but we made it without major incident (except of the diaper variety). Luckily our next trip shouldn't involve any diapers!

Well, mommy needs to get some sleep if I can. Sleeping from 3am to 3pm on our first day back has messed us all up, but hopefully we can do better tomorrow! Love you both!