Friday, February 12, 2016

Japan 2016, Part 1!

Dear Maya and Emi,

We're in Japan! It's taken mommy a bit to open up the computer and upload the pictures we've taken so far. We're in Nagasaki with your grandparents now, but this first post I'm just going to talk about our travels before we got here. And there are lots of photos to share!

  • Plane travel: You were both understandably bored at times between the flight to Detroit, the 4 hour layover, and the 13 hour flight to Tokyo. Maya, we brought lots of activities which kept you busy to some extent, plus you watched shows and played games on the personal TVs on the plane. Emi, you were restless most of the trip, but luckily only had one tantrum during the international flight. Neither of you slept until the last few hours. What a long trip!

  • Tokyo part 1: Daddy's Uncle Kazuki picked us up at the airport and took us to a nice hot spring resort! We were too exhausted and jet lagged to eat dinner that night, and then we were awake and raring to go at about 3am. By 7am we were so happy to go down to have a great breakfast, not to mention the beautiful view of Mount Fuji! We had lunch at Uncle Kazuki's house and chatted and played a bit before getting on a bus to visit daddy's Uncle Muneshiro next. 

  • Tokyo part 2: Uncle Muneshiro took us out to dinner where we also got together with Uncle Kenji and his granddaughter Mako-chan. Although she is a few years older than you, Maya, the two of you had a great time playing during dinner. And Emi, you loved your soba noodles. 

The previous 4 pictures courtesy of Uncle Kenji!

  • Tokyo part 3: After staying the night at Uncle Muneshiro's house, we headed to the city to spend a little time with your Aunt Rimi. Maya, you pulled out the pipe cleaners we'd brought and had a blast playing with your aunt. Then we caught a bus to the airport for our next flight.

  • Kyoto: After another jet lag-fractured night at our hotel in Kyoto, we spent the morning walking around traditional Gion. Next we headed to your Aunt Miho's house where you played with your cousin Ryota while daddy prepared dough for pizza. While it was rising we walked the very short distance to the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Aunt Miho's husband and his father both work installing the many torii gates that the shrine is famous for. How cool is that?

  • Osaka: We took the train the next morning to Osaka where we met with mommy's host family from 23 years ago! Mommy's host mother and father have barely changed, but mommy's host sister is married with two adorable kids--Aoi is 4 and Isato is 2. We had a great meal, played in a rooftop garden, and in a playroom as well. It was such a wonderful day for mommy--I was so happy to see them for the first time since our wedding, and to see you kids hitting it off!

The day after Osaka we took our next flight down to Nagasaki, so mommy will pick up there in the next blog post. But for now, I'm going to sleep and hoping that you two don't wake us up again tonight! Love you both!

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