Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Safari Stripe Queen

Dear Maya,

Mommy is sure she had a bunch of things to mention in this week's post, but a combination of pregnancy brain and toddler-fried brain has made me forget everything. Suffice it to say, you've had a typical week of good and bad behavior, sweet and sour moods, and lots and lots of indoor activity. Yes, spring still hasn't sprung around here and we're getting really frustrated with the snow flurries and the freezing temperatures. Hopefully next week's warmer predictions come true! In the meantime, pics from the last week...

  • Lots of 'reading' again--love that you love your books!

  • Daddy horsey safari--You've got flair all right!

  • Crafting for your buddy's birthday (and planking while the glue dries!)


  • Your new favorite fashion statement--always.wearing.stripes!

Well, that's about all mommy has in her tonight. Back to jotting down thoughts to share throughout the week as they come to me! Love you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Adorable, Active and...Avocado-y?

Dear Maya,

Oh my goodness, are you ever a darling lately! We are so in love with your recent personality--you entertain yourself, you clean up after yourself, you like to cuddle and show us that you care--what a sweetheart! And funny? You have us in fits of laughter on a daily basis. Tonight you surprised mommy by reciting a page from your favorite story that was the one page you always made mommy read for you. When you got to the last two words "banana cream" and saw how pleased mommy was, you kept repeating them until I cracked up!

The above and below pictures are from a very cold but fun weekend. We went to a park that was new to you and you braved the snow and frosty temperatures to try out all the new ways to play. You also flew a kite for the first time. It wasn't super windy and it was super muddy, but you loved it!

Yesterday was a busy day. We babysat your cousin Grace in the morning and you were stingy with your toys but otherwise sweet, even wanting to give her her bottle. In the evening we had an avocado-themed birthday party for Aunt Rhi. You were so excited to give her the dollar-store gifts you had picked out--a toy dinosaur, a rubber ducky nail brush, and a chip bag clip just like the one you gave Uncle Matt for his birthday. You helped sing to her and open her presents, and of course you loved the avocado cupcakes.

And here are some other random notes on your recent habits before signing off for the night...

  • You don't like fried okra. 
  • You suddenly over-pronounce the letter "r" in everything.
  • You love your shirt with sequins and your barrettes with beads so much that you have tantrums if you can't wear them.
  • You have taken to 'reading' your 'favorite book' in your castle-shaped tent, though the favorite book in question changes every other minute. 
  • You are slowly learning how to write your letters and surprised mommy by writing an A in the condensation on the bathroom window this morning :)
Well, it's bedtime for this round mama. Love you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We're on our toes!

Dear Maya,

We lost an hour to Daylight Savings over the weekend, which with a toddler is much simpler than gaining an hour. Now that our days feel longer the urge to go out and play is even stronger, but the weather is still not exactly cooperating. It was 55 degrees or so yesterday but today's rain will turn to snow tomorrow. Yuck!

In an effort to 'spring' back into a better schedule, we've had lots of fun, educational play this past week. You've seen your cousin Grace and your best buddy Wyatt, you've been to the library play group and your great-grandparents' house, and you even had your first trip through a car wash! We've also played school, had dance parties, built blanket forts, sent 'e-mail' to grandpa, and played a lot with legos, puzzles, magnets, and play-doh. You helped make dinner the last three nights, too. Whew--mommy's tired just typing all that!

A funny story to end today's post--it's been about a month since you stopped wearing diapers at night, and in that time you've taken to removing your pajamas after being tucked in. Mommy wondered if the feet of your footie pajamas were annoying you so I cut them off, but still you've been taking them off.

Last night about a half hour after you went to bed you needed to go to the bathroom. You must've been worried we'd be mad that you had no pajamas on, so you attempted to put them back on yourself. The result was hysterical! Today you defended yourself with "I couldn't see anything!" You are so adorable!

Well, mommy's yawning like crazy. Love you!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A girl or boy???

Dear Maya,

Just a quick post tonight because after a house-cleaning binge today mommy is tired! Some news, though...

1.  It's still cold. We don't have any fresh snow but the low temps have kept the size of our snowbanks unchanged. Today daddy took you out to play in it for a while and took several photos for mommy to add to the blog. Mommy's been kind of preoccupied lately so I forget to pull out the camera as much as usual.

2. You're making the most of being stuck inside a lot. Play-doh 'pizza' making, 'swimming' and collecting 'starfish' in an 'ocean' that is really just a blue blanket on the floor, cutting a hole in a box and decorating it to make Clio a cat house, making shadow puppets, playing 'school' with've been one active kid!

3. And...the big news is...we went for an ultrasound last Friday and found out the baby will be your little SISTER! All along when anyone asked you if you thought the baby was a boy or girl you always said girl. Now that we know for sure you keep saying it's a boy. You'll figure it out soon enough!

Well, that's all mommy has in me tonight. Love you!