Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A girl or boy???

Dear Maya,

Just a quick post tonight because after a house-cleaning binge today mommy is tired! Some news, though...

1.  It's still cold. We don't have any fresh snow but the low temps have kept the size of our snowbanks unchanged. Today daddy took you out to play in it for a while and took several photos for mommy to add to the blog. Mommy's been kind of preoccupied lately so I forget to pull out the camera as much as usual.

2. You're making the most of being stuck inside a lot. Play-doh 'pizza' making, 'swimming' and collecting 'starfish' in an 'ocean' that is really just a blue blanket on the floor, cutting a hole in a box and decorating it to make Clio a cat house, making shadow puppets, playing 'school' with've been one active kid!

3. And...the big news is...we went for an ultrasound last Friday and found out the baby will be your little SISTER! All along when anyone asked you if you thought the baby was a boy or girl you always said girl. Now that we know for sure you keep saying it's a boy. You'll figure it out soon enough!

Well, that's all mommy has in me tonight. Love you!

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