Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Safari Stripe Queen

Dear Maya,

Mommy is sure she had a bunch of things to mention in this week's post, but a combination of pregnancy brain and toddler-fried brain has made me forget everything. Suffice it to say, you've had a typical week of good and bad behavior, sweet and sour moods, and lots and lots of indoor activity. Yes, spring still hasn't sprung around here and we're getting really frustrated with the snow flurries and the freezing temperatures. Hopefully next week's warmer predictions come true! In the meantime, pics from the last week...

  • Lots of 'reading' again--love that you love your books!

  • Daddy horsey safari--You've got flair all right!

  • Crafting for your buddy's birthday (and planking while the glue dries!)


  • Your new favorite fashion statement--always.wearing.stripes!

Well, that's about all mommy has in her tonight. Back to jotting down thoughts to share throughout the week as they come to me! Love you!

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