Sunday, January 3, 2016

A 'winter forest' birthday

Dear Maya and Emi,

Today we had your 5th birthday party, Maya! Mommy wanted to share all the photos and details in one place so that means you're getting another post this week. By your request, this was a 'winter forest' party which was so much fun to create. Take a look:

Dessert table!
Edible pine cones by daddy--sooooo yummy!
Black Forest cupcakes with gummy berries
Mini cupcakes with Japanese mushroom candies
Coconut almond cupcakes (photo by grandpa)
Your own personal cake, Maya!
Birch tree straws, a gold bunting, and the cutest little fawn ever! 
And, of course, Nanny's cheesecake!
We had sweet little snowy scenes on top of urns decorating the tables.
And you get to add all these new little animal miniatures to your growing collection! (photo by grandpa)
Speaking of, the kid favor bags each had an animal, a couple straws, gummy berries, candy mushrooms, squirrel nut zippers...
And a little forest-in-a-jar kit to keep busy at the restaurant! Cotton ball snow, mini animals and trees, a jar, and glue dots!
Some pictures from our lunch--you wowed us all by using your knife so well, Maya!

(photo by grandpa)
Singing happy birthday and blowing out the candle--you looked like an angel, Maya!

(photo by grandpa)
(photo by grandpa)

You in your adorable custom-made woodland animal dress with a sweet flower crown!
Some cute pictures of you, too, Emi!

(photo by grandpa)

Opening your gifts from our lovely friends and family, Maya:

(photo by grandpa)
(photo by grandpa)
(photo by grandpa)
Photo ops with our sweet guests--we love them all!

(photo by grandpa)
(photo by grandpa)
Well, mommy is tired out and needing some sleep because tomorrow it's back to the grind. Love you both and so proud of and happy for you, Maya--my big FIVE year old!

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