Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spontaneous Easter and dogsitting

Dear Maya,

Mommy usually loves planning and preparing for holidays and birthdays, so it was surprising how little I'd done for Easter--no decorations, no meal plan, nothing. We only managed to color Easter eggs the night before and even then it was rushed. Imagine my surprise when we had one of the most lovely Easters ever!

The morning started off leisurely with family snuggles and Easter books. Then we had some dance time and sang some songs together until it was a reasonable hour to go downstairs and see what the big bunny brought. You loved hunting for the plastic eggs filled with almonds, dried cranberries and hair clips. Your cute little felt froggy Easter basket had a toy dinosaur, a Slinky, a headband, a toy rake, and a magnifying glass that we took outside to examine flowers and pine cones for a while. The weather was gorgeous!


Next we did yard work, then you napped, giving mommy a chance to cut daddy's hair. When you woke up it was time for Auntie Rhi's yummy Kahlua-glazed ham dinner! Afterwards you played games with Rhi and Uncle Matt and then snuggled and watched a movie with mommy until bedtime. What an awesome day!

The other event that's been on our agenda the last week has been dogsitting. We went to a friend's house a few times a day to walk and feed her two dogs. You took great pride in holding their leashes, encouraging them along and even making the younger, sprier dog follow you as you climbed up on big rocks. So cute!

Well, mommy hasn't been sleeping well so it's good night for me now. Love you!

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