Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy birthday, King Baba!

Dear Maya,

The honeymoon continues! Today you were an especially good girl and we want to shout it from the rooftops! First you helped mommy do laundry by folding the dish towels and you weren't half bad at it. Then mommy had some work to do and you gave me the time and space to do it. You awoke from your nap much earlier than expected and, after a potty break, mommy asked you to go have some quiet time in your room. For about an hour and twenty minutes you read books to yourself with the door closed. Holy moly!

Maybe some of your calmness is because the last two days you've had a good amount of physical activity. On Monday we walked to a park and you had a great time playing, so thankful for the nicer weather. Then yesterday you met some new friends, 2 daughters of a friend of mommy's, and played with them at an indoor playground with tons of bouncy houses and other toys. It's been nice to get you out and about and let you use some of your boundless energy!

Over the weekend we celebrated daddy's birthday. Since he's usually our dedicated pizza-maker, we gave him a break and ordered some take-out pizza. Mommy also made him a pizza-like carrot cake. You made an awesome birthday card with your ever-improving writing skills and worked with mommy to make him a gift--3 TP roll dolls (King Baba, Queen Mama and Princess Maya) and a castle. They turned out so cute! You also gave him your dollar store gifts of popcorn, a pizza cutter, and a car-washing sponge.

Well, mommy needs some shuteye for sure. Love you!

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