Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Funny words, caring heart


Dear Maya,

Last week we went to your 3 year appointment and the doctor was very pleased with your growth and energy and personality. You have been gaining new words and ideas so quickly lately. It's really fun to watch you learn and make adorable mistakes in the process.

New songs you've been working on lately include "I've been working on the railroad" and "Frosty the snowman." Both are tricky, but the latter seems to be your real challenge. Your version goes something like this: "Frosty the snowman, a happy happy snow, a happy happy snow, I can't believe it..." So funny!

A few times lately you've said a phrase that sounded very much like "sugar cheese" and mommy couldn't figure out what you were asking for. Finally today in the bathroom it all made sense--you were asking for me to "check your teeth" to see if they needed flossing. Flossing is a new hobby, apparently.

Your compassion has been growing in leaps and bounds, too. Lately whenever mommy's morning sickness is getting her down, she can count on you to ask "You not feel good?" and pat her back. You even told me I was beautiful the other day as I was throwing my hair back into a ponytail. And these days you often say, as soon as a loved one leaves to go to work or to go home, "I miss..." and it is so sweet. You're such a loving little girl and that makes us so happy!

Well, rest time for mommy. Love you!

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