Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Our Maya doll's THREE!

Dear Maya,

What a week! Last Thursday and Friday we all worked around our regular work/household routines to get Christmas clutter squared away and get geared up for your THIRD birthday party! How did it get here so fast?!?!? On Saturday night after you were in bed your Grandpa and Lori arrived. You were so excited to see them the next morning and they played with you lots so mommy and daddy could get last minute stuff done for your party in the afternoon.

This year your party theme was kokeshi, or Japanese wooden dolls. Mommy painted small wooden dolls and daddy constructed a larger paper mache version. We also had paper lanterns, paper chains, and lots of paper cherry blossom effects everywhere. The favors were Japanese cards, tea and dolls. The menu, as always, was pizza and snacks and desserts, with a little Japanese flair in the way of green tea frosting and freeze-dried cherry blossom flakes on the cupcakes, and wasabi peas and rice crackers on the snack table.

Your best buddy Wyatt was right next to you every step of the way, helping you open gifts and wanting to blow out the candle with you. Later on the two of you entertained us all with a lively round of toddler wrestling that was one part danger, nine parts giggles. You also spent lots of time making music with and for all of us, handing out the new instruments you got and asking us to play. It was such a fun party and you shared your love and enthusiasm with everyone.


The next day on your actual birthday, we had a quieter day but had another mini celebration in the evening. Mommy and daddy gave you your last gifts--bottles, a bib, and a pack n play bassinet that were perfect for the new doll you received from your great grandparents. You spent the rest of the night splitting your time between feeding your doll and playing dress up thanks to your new costume wardrobe stand from Wyatt's parents. All the adults thoroughly enjoyed watching you and sometimes joining in on the fun!


We were sad to see Grandpa and Lori go on New Year's Eve, but we'll see them again soon. And now that it's New Year's Day, all of the excitement of your birthday and the holidays are officially behind us. Hopefully you won't go through the sort of withdrawal you sometimes do after events are over and guests leave us.

Well, after staying up 'til midnight last night, mommy is ready to get to bed. Love you!

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