Monday, February 20, 2012

Child of the world

Dear Maya,

This week we got to see a bit more of the outside world than has been usual lately. Partly, this was due to Mommy's work schedule opening up. Partly, it was because we've had some sunny weather. But mostly it is thanks to you, little one. Since you slept past your normal ungodly waking hour several times this week, Mommy and Daddy had more energy to do fun things with you. Granted, this morning was not one of those mornings so now Daddy is snoring away next to me, but we have hope that we can make this new habit stick.

We saw the actual outside world, i.e. the park. You played with leaves, rocks and dirt. You watched with interest as bigger kids ran around. You rode on the swings with Mommy (you hated it), the teeter totter with both of us (you weren't really interested), and then the best ride of all--Daddy's shoulders!

We also saw some of the inside outside world, i.e. stores. Mommy finally got to check out a local consignment store that sells gently used children's clothes, toys and books where I bought you a few items. We also had fun playing in the toy aisles of a department store without actually buying anything.

Finally, we virtually saw the outside world via our "Asia Day" Saturday. You wore the Chinese outfit and played with the lion puppet from Mommy's old boss. You watched our new Japanese language DVD and had sushi for dinner. You listened to various music including Mongolian throat singing by Uncle Matt. :)

Well, cutie pie, mommy's going to get some sleep now. Love you!

P.S. Your new foods this week were cauliflower, cheddar cheese, pancakes, shrimp crackers and Japanese fish cake.


  1. Sushi!! Wow!!! And you look so much like your Daddy!!

    Love, Aunt Pat

  2. Doesn't she look just like him? I even have a pic of them on the teeter totter both blinking at the same time!
    By the way, we aren't giving her raw fish just yet. Her sushi toppings/fillings are usually cucumber, avocado or egg at this point, but she loves the nori seaweed!