Friday, January 9, 2015

Rainbow art birthday party

Dear Maya and Emi,

Mommy has a lot of catching up to do in this blog post. I would've done it earlier in the week but I've been in bed with the flu and only now is the medicine doing enough that I can sit up with the laptop! Luckily, daddy has been off work and you two have (mostly) been good for him while I recover.

It's been coldcoldCOLD so we've been staying mostly indoors. Maya, one day you convinced Aunt Rhi to make you a bow and arrow to play with while you watched the old Disney "Robin Hood" on Netflix. Several days we had dance parties in our pajamas, made even better by the rainbows coming from the disco ball prism hanging in the window. Mommy loves that even though you both have lots of new toys to play with, you're still entertained by simple things. Emi, for you that's your feet!

Grandpa came to visit last weekend for the big party. When you two awoke on Saturday morning we went downstairs to have our Christmas with him. Maya, you loved 'helping' him open his gifts and of course you liked opening your own. Emi, you had lots of giggles to share, too.

Maya, you chose to have a rainbow art theme for your birthday party this year. Mommy got a custom shirt and secondhand skirt for you, then found some day-glo tights in the dresser. You picked out this Rainbow Brite-ish outfit for Emi, but it was too cold for her to wear out of the house.

We had the party at a restaurant for a change and it was great! We used rainbow tablecloths from our friend Rebecca and daddy made a giant paintbrush and palette out of cardboard for the display. Maya, you used the new airbrush kit you got for Christmas to make abstract art on mini canvases which we put on tiny easels as party favors. For the kids in the crowd, we printed out some artist coloring sheets to go with crayons, markers, and stickers. Mommy made funfetti cupcakes and a tie-dye mini cake with ombre frosting for the candles. Everything was super colorful to say the least!



We had such a good time with our family and friends. Emi, you fell asleep during the party, but surprisingly without any fussing to speak of. Maya, you were a little crazy running around with bunches of balloons, but you did manage to thank everyone for their wonderful gifts. You received so many different art supplies that we should be stocked for the next year at least! We are so grateful for everyone who came to celebrate with us!


Well, that's enough for one post! Love you both!

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