Saturday, August 6, 2016

Swimming, sunflowers, and earaches

Dear Maya and Emi,

Summer is just summering right along. This post will be short as mommy has some work to do, but I want to share what we've been up to and show off some of the lovely pictures we've gotten over the last week and a half!

Emi's first ponytail!
Last week you took some swimming lessons at a local park pond, Maya. The water in the kiddie section is super shallow so it wasn't as much 'swimming' as it was getting really comfortable in the water and learning safety. You couldn't get enough of it! Unfortunately it was right in the middle of Emi's usual nap time so we had some cranky moments each day. It was still worth it, though, and we'll probably go back there to wade again even after the lessons end.

Then, last Sunday, you and mommy went to see a local field of sunflowers, Maya. It was so beautiful and the fields looked like they went on forever! Mommy had wanted to take you to see them last year but the usual spot didn't have them. This year they're in a new spot and it's awesome!

This week both of you had short little colds but after a night of crying, Maya, we took you to the doctor on Wednesday. A double middle ear infection! In summer! When we went to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription, mommy felt bad enough that I even got you both these enormous butterfly balloons. Maya, you're feeling much better already but still having a hard time hearing mommy, especially when I ask you to do something. Hmmm...

Well, mommy needs to sign off now. Love you both!

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