Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kindergarten and apple picking!

Dear Maya and Emi,

We've had a really special week, ladies! Mommy has more photos than I know what to do with for this post for a change, so be sure to click on the link in the right hand column to see more. I'll stick some of my favorites in this post, though, and sum everything up in just a few short sentences.

Maya, you started kindergarten this week! Emi and I joined you the first day for orientation, but the next two days on your own you handled like it was nothing. You've been preparing your own snacks and, to some extent, picking out your own clothes. We're so proud of you!

Today we had some quality family time at our favorite orchards picking apples, strawberries, and pumpkins. We were worried about the weather when we had rainstorms this morning, but it actually helped with all the heat and humidity we've had lately. It was such a beautiful day!

Well, mommy has some work to do before bed. Love you both!

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