Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January good and bad

Dear Maya and Emi,

Winter can bring out the best and worst of us, right? Excitement over the holidays and snowflakes and family visits. But also cabin fever and shorter days and fights over who gets to play with new toys. Did I mention cabin fever?

Maya, you've been doing well at school and learning and growing so much every day. You've also been kind of careless at times, knocking your sister and adults alike around in excitement, and breaking things left and right. We're working on it together, but it might take a little while.



Emi, oh, Emi. You've been really stretching your legs into this terrible twos thing. We've got bossiness, tantrums...you're all about independence. But you're also amazing us with your vocabulary, your intonation, and your singing. Oh, it's a bit of a roller coaster with you right now!


And then there's the two of you together. You bicker, yes. But you also love each other so much. Maya, you find ways to make sure your little sister is included. You even play horsey for her. And Emi, you copy your big sissy all the time. It's just heartwarming watching you together.

Well, soon you'll be getting off the bus, Maya, so mommy's going to sign off. Love you both!

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