Friday, May 12, 2017

For similar reminiscent days

Dear Maya and Emi,

Today's post has some really funny lists that I've been compiling. It also has some really pretty photos that I haven't blogged yet. It doesn't have a whole lot of the usual "what we've been up to" stuff because we haven't been doing much to report. Basically you've been doing well with the potty (Emi) and with your reading and writing (Maya) but you're both noisy and bicker a lot and keep us on our toes. The good news is that Grandma and Papa Stan are moving near us in a few weeks!!! Hooray!!!

Emi, here are some of the funny things you mispronounce:

  • Pattycake (pancake)
  • Skabetty (spaghetti)
  • Violence (violets)
  • Craptor (tractor)
  • Blueberry eyes (Googly eyes)
  • Banarina (ballerina)
  • Jaclyn (jack-o-lantern)

Emi, here are some of the awesome words and phrases you use correctly:

  • Crescent
  • ""
  • Celebration
  • Emi--"I want (to be) a astronaut."
    Me--"Do you even know what an astronaut does?"

Emi, you talk constantly lately, in long winding sentences that go all over the place. You sometimes even use these words that you don't understand:

  • Habitat (Thanks Lin Manuel Miranda on Sesame Street)
  • Fictional
  • Fictional pineapple (what???)
  • Location

Maya, you've been incorporating these words into sentences lately, and very well I might add:

  • reminiscent
  • similar

Maya, you've been singing a lot lately, too, including:

  • 76 Trombones
  • Everything from Mary Poppins

Maya, I'm kinda glad you still mispronounce things so I know you're not ALL grown up, like:

  • togever (together)
  • Octover (October)

Okay, it's time for bed. Love you both!

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