Thursday, January 27, 2011

From your 'big sister'

Dear Maya,
My name is Clio.  I'm two and a half years old and I'm mom and dad's first daughter.  That means I was here before you.  Ahem.

About three weeks before you showed up, we moved into our new house.  I had moved once before and I didn't much like making the transition the first time, but this time was different--the stone floors in the bathroom and hallway are heated!  I love to roll around on them, even if it means showing my belly and getting a belly rub...wait, why didn't I think of that before the heated floors? 

Anyhow, every night I get shut in the bathroom because mom and dad don't like it when I wake them up in the middle of the night.  Sound familiar?  Somehow they forgive you and don't lock you in the bathroom.  Hmph.  At least I've got the heated floors now and am nice and toasty all night long.  And I barely even wake up when mom and dad come in to wash off whatever you soiled this time.
Just over four weeks ago, mom and dad disappeared for a few days.  They left me a big bowl of food and lots of water, but I didn't know what was going on.  The next day, some relatives came to check on me, but I wanted my mom and dad.  On the third day, dad came home for a few hours and gave me some fresh food and water.  I had missed him a lot so I made sure to get some snuggling in.

When he came home, he brought this little purple knit hat with him and showed it to me.  I sniffed it and sniffed it, trying to figure out whose smell was on it.  It smelled kind of familiar, a bit like mom, but a bit different, too.  A few days later I found out what that smell was--it was you.  Mom and dad wanted me to get used to your smell before they brought you home so I wouldn't freak out.

Well, I didn't freak out.  Not at first, anyways.  I was so happy to see mom when she finally came home that at first I didn't really notice the bundled up blanket she was carrying.  After a little while she put that bundle on a mattress on the floor and called me over.  I was really curious to see what all the fuss was about.  When I got a few feet from you I recognized the smell from the hat.  

Mom was encouraging me to "come over and meet your little sister" and I admit I did want to get a better look at you, so I approached the mattress.  You were kinda squirmy but you weren't very big, about the same size as me, so I thought I could hold my own if there was some kind of showdown.  I snuck up at an angle from behind you to sniff your head and that's when it happened.

A left hook right to the nose!  Out of nowhere, you punched me!  I have to admit it didn't hurt my nose that much but my pride, now that's a different story.  I ran back into the bathroom and decided to put off getting to know this new little sister for awhile.  I needed time to study you and figure out what you were really capable of before I got too friendly with you.  I'm no dummy!

Well, three and a half weeks have passed since then and I'm starting to let my guard down a little.  Sometimes when I'm up on a window sill or on top of a dresser mom or dad will bring you over and have me sniff your head and I guess it's not so bad.  And if you're sleeping on the bed I sometimes curl up a few feet away.  It was my bed before it was yours, so I figure I've got to save face somehow. 

And now you've got this new contraption that swings you back and forth.  When you're in it you're nice and low to the ground so we can be face to face.  I don't know how it moves without somebody pushing it so I don't want to get too close, but sometimes it stops moving so I think I may eventually try to approach you when it does.  I've got to get my timing just right, though.  It may take a while.

Oh, and the best part about this new swingy thing?  Why, that would be the long, flat box that it came in, of course!  I'd take a box over a rocking machine any day.  Silly baby Maya, you've got so much to learn and since I am your big sister, I guess it's up to me to teach you the ropes.  Just make sure you keep your hands where I can see them.


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