Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our cute little ogre

 Dear Maya,

Today was Setsubun, a Japanese festival denoting the beginning of spring.  Since daddy was out all day, you and I decided to surprise him with a traditional celebration when he got home.  Mommy printed some ogre mask templates from the internet and made one for each of us.  In Japan, it's common for one person in a family to wear such a mask and have soy beans or peanuts thrown at them by the rest of the family, symbolizing the driving of demons from the home.  We only had almonds and didn't really throw them, but mommy did eat as many as the number of her age for good luck.

*this series looks like you're throwing, though*

Another thing mommy and daddy did for good luck was eating sushi while facing south-southeast.  Mommy had never made makizushi from scratch by herself and was worried it wouldn't turn out well, but daddy said it was yummy.  It is tradition in Japan to eat a whole, uncut sushi roll while facing in the direction that is auspicious on that given year.  We made silent wishes while we ate.  After we finished we played with the masks--Clio was so scared when we put them on, her fur standing on end and her ears flattened down, but when you saw us wearing them, you just smiled and giggled.

Your moods, actions and reactions have been much more obvious lately and so adorable.  When we went to grandma's birthday party on Saturday, and when we went to visit mommy's grandparents on Monday, you flashed everyone great big smiles.  And on Sunday when we took pictures for your one month birthday, you had such a cute look for this one with mommy.  Daddy just got a new video camera so his family in Japan can see you in action.  I've put links to his videos on the bottom of this blog.  Forgive him for making embarrassing videos of you--he can't help himself!  He thinks you're cute and mommy does, too!

Well, you're tiring daddy out at the moment and we all have to get some sleep for your check up with the pediatrician tomorrow. 

Love you!


  1. the whole world knows you're cute, miss maya!!!!
    love to all of you, aunt pat

  2. great pictures! Cutest Ogre I've seen in years!

  3. So awesome. I love that you are learning Japanese culture for your daughter.

  4. Maya is getting so big!!! And the pictures are great!

  5. thanks!
    @digthischick..I lived in Japan for many years so I'm not learning the culture, just trying to recreate it, which is probably harder in such a rural area as we live in!