Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Dear Maya,

The signs were there, but we missed them. Yesterday the bottom of your little nose was a bit crusty. This morning you felt a little warm, but we seem to be having an Indian summer so after mommy mentioned it to daddy and had him touch your forehead, we both dismissed it.

While daddy went to do some work and mommy was in the kitchen baking, you played happily like always--talking to yourself, trying to figure out how to push a ball up a wall, pulling your dolly's hair. It wasn't until mommy picked you up to take you to your room for your nap that I felt it.

You were burning up. Your first fever. Your first anything. Aside from baby acne you've never had any health issues and we've never given you any medicine besides your acne lotion, your vitamins, and the occasional swipe of diaper rash cream. Mommy took your temperature a couple of ways and came up with 102.

Mommy looked around for some baby Tylenol or the like--surely we had some, I thought. But it turns out that for all of the bottles of creams and remedies we had, there wasn't a fever reducer to be found. After a quick call to daddy, mommy buckled you into the car and drove to the pharmacy to get some Ibuprofen.

You took your medicine like a champ, then took a nap and woke up fever-free an hour and a half later. We may not be out of the woods yet, but it seems you got mommy's get-well-quick genes. In fact, you were a super happy camper this afternoon, screaming with glee as daddy made funny faces.

We had hoped to take you apple picking for the first time today, but we stayed home so you could get some rest. You've had a full week, though, between our trip to the park, our visit with Charlotte and Wyatt, and our Mommy and Me time at the library. Besides, there's always tomorrow.

Well, hope you feel better soon, my sweet. We love you!

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