Sunday, September 18, 2011

Giant leap for Maya-kind

Dear Maya,

A couple of weeks ago mommy shut her laptop after showing you some Muppet videos (the last of which was "I'm My Own Grandpa" if I'm not mistaken) and when I went to open it back up it wouldn't come on. We thought there was just something wrong with the screen as there were still whirring noises, but it turns out the motherboard was shot. Normally in a house with four computers that wouldn't be a hindrance to writing a simple blog post, but daddy's computer was so overtaxed it wouldn't load photos, Uncle Matt's Mac had a faulty power cord and Auntie Rhi's desktop is in their bedroom. After four trips to two different stores (long story there), mommy and daddy both have new laptops so there shouldn't be any more lapses in blogging anytime soon. Mommy should go knock on some wood now just in case.

Long paragraph of excuses aside, mommy has really missed blogging about you and a lot of people have missed reading about you. And you've been doing/learning/growing so much in the interim, that the only way to really write this post is to bullet it out like mommy often does. Here goes:

  • You have been cheating on your boyfriend Kermit with someone just like him--his name is Kappa and he's a mythological Japanese creature that mommy just happened to have an inflatable version of. They're about the same size and color, plus Kappa has a fringe around his head almost identical Kermit's neck cuff. Even their names both start with 'K' so I can see how you'd be swayed... 
  • Your new foods since mommy has last listed them on here include pasta stars, honeydew, mandarin oranges, nectarines, plums, prunes, beets and green beans. You eat everything so well!
  • Your two front bottom teeth are fully in and they look sweet, but they don't feel too nice when you bite mommy while nursing...
  • Your great-grandma said to try wiggling a finger up and down between your lips to make a funny babbly sound when you are 'talking'--now you occasionally do so yourself by wiggling toys and other objects between your lips!
  • You can cluck your tongue and often copy us when we do so first. 
  • Speaking of copying, the other night Uncle Matt alternated waving a large tupperware lid up and down, then sticking it in his mouth--you had a smaller but nearly identical lid and copied him promptly each time. Clever girl!
  • You've totally won over Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi (as if you hadn't already) by putting your arms out to them to be held when you first see them in the morning or after work.
  • In the evenings sometimes mommy and daddy cuddle with you on their bed before giving you a bath. After a few minutes of focused nursing you start your adorable routine of eating for a moment, turning your head to make sure daddy is there, then doing a free fall backwards towards him and giggling in excitement. So cute!!!
  • Speaking of cute, we can't go to a store these days without out numerous people stopping us to comment on how alert/smiley/adorable you are. You're so popular!
  • You have started waving your hand at us, and even at the cat! Unfortunately, you don't seem to have a clue as to what that means...
  • Oh, and, um....YOU STARTED WALKING!!! The weekend of Hurricane Irene found us all house-bound and bored/worried so we sat around you in a circle in the living room to play and you took your first steps. That was two days before you turned eight months old even!!! Then on September 15th you walked continuously for 4 steps at a time, alternating your feet even. Finally, today when mommy and daddy were playing with you in your room, you showed us how it's done by walking halfway across the room--mommy says it was 14 steps, daddy says 17, but regardless you are now officially walking at just a bit more than eight and a half months. WOW!!!

Okay, this has been quite an update and mommy has got to get to bed. Thanks for entertaining us, enriching our lives and keeping us on our toes, little one. We love you!

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