Monday, January 23, 2012

Start spreadin' the news

Dear Maya,

What an exciting week you've had!

On Friday, you went to New York City! Mommy and Daddy took you down on the train for a quick visit with Auntie Clare who was here on business from London. Your first train ride was pretty fun and quiet in the beginning, but when a very handsome gentleman dressed like a suit model sat near us, you perked up. You began flirting like a pro--staring at him until he made eye contact, then giggling and shyly hiding your face in mommy's shoulder, only to start over moments later. After a couple of times, daddy was not so amused... :)

Once we arrived and found Auntie Clare, we headed out into the cold to hit some hot spots around 5th Avenue. We started with a Japanese book store, then moved on to Rockefeller Center. By that time you were sound asleep in your stroller. Thus, daddy accidentally cut you out of this picture.

You slept through the Lego store and Anthropologie, but woke up to bang a Law and Order gavel at the NBC store. Then, in true NYC tourist style, we took you to the Magnolia Bakery, but since it was crowded you had to wait awhile before sharing Mommy's carrot cake cupcake. It was the only time you cried all day.

After a few more shops, we went to the place Mommy most wanted to take you--the big toy store, FAO Schwarz! At first I'm sure we were more entertained than you, but soon you got to have your fun, too. You and Mommy went up to play on the big piano, though you didn't have much time to figure out how it worked because of a little girl who became quite enamored with you. Mommy tried to ask her name but she didn't speak English. She just began hugging you and trying to hold your hand. How adorable!

After that we took you to a craft table to try some drawing. They had slips of paper and crayons that were meant to fit on little fingers like yours. Despite repeated modeling of how to use them to draw circles and lines, though, all you wanted to do was organize them in their containers. That's Mommy's girl!

After a couple more hours with Auntie Clare we said goodbye and took the train home. Compared to the morning trip the train was very crowded and the atmosphere was heavy and quiet, full of tired commuters ending their work week. So what did you decide to do? You chattered and giggled for most of the two-hour ride, of course! One by one you singled out strangers to give your attention to--smiling, waving, and playing peek-a-boo until you won them over. From sweet grandmotherly women to stoic, distracted businessmen, no one could resist your charms. Oh, and your diaper also leaked all over Mommy. What a fun and crazy day.

After our time in New York, Mommy and Daddy were ready for a relaxing weekend. We spent lots of time cuddling with you. In fact, the only reason we ventured outside was for daddy to pull you around in your new sled. You had fun in the snow as always, and didn't even cry when you fell face first into it. Aww...

Well, Mommy needs to get to sleep now. We love you so much!

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