Saturday, September 8, 2012

Calm before the fall

Dear Maya,

Lately every time mommy and daddy look at the calendar pages for the next couple of months we let out a sigh. There are so many events coming up this fall that pretty much every weekend is filled. Good events, fun events, special events, but every.single.weekend. So, we took advantage of some down time this past week.

Last Saturday daddy got some much-needed alone time at a home improvement store. Meanwhile, you and mommy went scouting for yard sales in the area. Mommy was looking to start Christmas shopping, but didn't find anything good. The last house we went to had a lot of toys and the woman let you take home a doll stroller for free! You happily pushed it to the car and played with it constantly until you broke a wheel (which daddy fixed) and then ripped the fabric by standing on it (which mommy will fix soon). You're tough!

On Monday we went for a nice long walk as a family. We even stopped at a park we haven't been to in quite a while and you got to try out the new playground set there. Mommy wished she had brought the camera to capture your face as you went down the slide for the first time. It was so cute!

Thursday we also had a free day as a family and we did next to nothing; we just hung out, played, and watched TV. We felt pretty lazy but it was wonderful. That night after you went to bed, mommy and daddy went out for a nightcap at a local Japanese place to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our US wedding. We had a wedding in Japan, too, so we have a few anniversaries a year, but we try to do something special for each. So rarely do we do anything without you that it felt a little weird at first, but it was really nice.

Well, our busy schedule starts this weekend so mommy's going to sign off now. My laptop is going in for repairs so hopefully I'll be able to post on daddy's laptop next week, but if not I'm sure we'll have a very long post when I get it back! Love you!

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