Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good times, hard times

Dear Maya,

It's been twelve days since mommy's last post, but I can't put all the blame for that lapse on my laptop having been sent out for repairs. These two weeks have been full to the brim with lots of fun times, though each weekend did have a day that started with laughs and ended with tears...

Two Saturdays ago we went hiking to a nearby waterfall and had some wonderful family quality time. You had to stop every three steps to pick up an acorn so it was slow going. There were tons of people walking dogs along the path, plus we had lots of fruit for you to snack on so you were quite content indeed.

That night after we got home, daddy took you out on the back porch for a little while and the friendly grey neighbor kitty came to play with you. Somehow you and he ended up on a chair together so when he started playing a little too rough you couldn't back off. Mommy heard screams from inside and daddy rushed you in.

Your poor little leg and foot were covered in bleeding scratches. We cleaned you off and mommy called the pediatrician to see what we should do. A trip to the ER was in order, and although they only cleaned and wrapped your leg up, we didn't get home until almost 10pm. You were a good sport the whole night.


The next day Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi came home from their long weekend away with some great news--they're engaged! We have long thought of Rhi as part of the family anyway, but we're so happy that Uncle Matt made it official. And now we have yet another family wedding to look forward to!

That Monday we went for a follow-up appointment for your leg which the doctor said was fine. Then Tuesday we went to the children's story hour at the library. One of these two activities was probably the direct cause of you coming down with a cold on Wednesday. You still have a runny nose a week later!

We had to hurry up and get you better because we had another full weekend in store. Grandma and Poppa Stan arrived Friday night and then Aunt Bobbie the next morning. Saturday was spent baking and decorating dozens of cookies and cupcakes for Aunt Kelsie's surprise bridal shower on Sunday. The preparations took a lot of hard work but everything was beautiful. Everyone enjoyed themselves and even though Kelsie wasn't completely surprised, she was happy to see everyone and to receive so many lovely gifts.

Sunday night after the shower, Aunt Kelsie and soon-to-be-Uncle Shawn came over to our house. You and he were playing chase when you lost control and hit a cabinet door hard. Mommy and daddy heard the thud from the next room but weren't prepared to see the egg-sized lump it caused in the middle of your forehead. Thank goodness Grandma was there with her calm reassurance and voice of experience or mommy might have given in to panic. Luckily the swelling was gone by the next day and now only the scratch is left.

This Monday we went to pick up mommy's laptop finally and Aunt Rhi came along to do some shopping at the mall. We ended up all getting glittery shoes (you, too!) to wear for Aunt Kelsie's wedding. After that we went to pay your great grandparents a short visit before heading home for dinner. The rest of the week has been a whirlwind of work, errands, and trying to keep you from bumping your head anymore. Let's just say that mommy and daddy are very much looking forward to their alone time this coming weekend!

Well, mommy really needs to get to sleep now. Love you!

P.S. Some new words you've attempted to say this week are: moon, up, turtle, car, up, thank you, blue and yellow!