Sunday, April 14, 2013

Now I know my...

Dear Maya,

We started this week with daddy's birthday! You wore a cute dress, scribbled your love in a birthday card and helped him blow out the candles on the yummiest carrot cake mommy has ever made. Daddy got some robot toys from Matt and Rhi that you've been having lots of fun with, too. It was a great birthday all around!

To continue with last week's 'Enrich and Exhaust Maya' theme, mommy started a new alphabet program with you. We're going to work on one letter a week for the foreseeable future--doing fun activities, coloring, chanting and anything else mommy can think of to help you recognize them and know their sounds.

This week we worked on A and the key word apple. One day we brought a branch in from outside, stuck it in a jar and made an 'apple tree' with red squares of paper and a few big A's on it. Another day while you were playing with stamps, mommy made an A stamp out of a slice of apple. You've got this letter down!

We've also spent lots of time outside this week. Mommy took you out on the deck and you dug in the soil. You pulled out a big root ball and said it was broccoli. Another day we took a hike and you brought home pine cones, a huge branch and a couple stray baseballs. At least you skipped all the deer poo we saw!

We also walked all the way to the 'other' park that we used to have to push you in the stroller to get to. You've gotten so good at climbing on everything and mommy had such a blast going down the slides with you over and over. Before walking home you even got a frozen fruit bar out of the deal.


Well, mommy's going to go start planning for our "B" week! Love you!

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