Monday, December 9, 2013

Snowflakes, sprinkles and sparkles

Dear Maya,

The magic of the season has you all abuzz. It's been taking you an hour or more talking and singing away to yourself in bed each night before you fall asleep, but it's all happy chatter and you don't seem to be bothered to have been put to bed before you were completely ready.

I suppose some of it could be the sugar talking. We made gingerbread cookies yesterday afternoon and you loved pushing the cookie cutters into the dough, especially the bell and candy cane shapes. Then we decorated them last night and you loved sticking candy eyes on everything!

You've been eating and sleeping Christmas trees lately. It started with the fake one in the living room last month, then on Saturday we went to cut down our real tree to put up in the front room. It had just snowed overnight so you were having a blast throwing snowballs at us--your aim and speed are frighteningly good!


Tonight we finally got around to decorating it. Since snow was covering it when we chose it, mommy missed how misshapen it was, plus it didn't help that daddy trimmed too much off the top (don't worry, he actually screwed it back on!) so it isn't the most beautiful tree. You are absolutely in love with it, though. You cried when it was time to go upstairs, but luckily you received a wooden tree-shaped music box/advent calendar yesterday which made going to your room that much easier. It's your other favorite Christmas tree.

A few more notes before signing off for the night--I'm not sure where you got it from, but you've started saying "Happy Holidays" this week! Also, your art skills are still improving every day. You surprised mommy with this yesterday and I managed to calmly ask you what it was before gushing over it. A spider, of course!

Well, mommy has to get some rest if she's going to keep up with you for the rest of the week. Love you!

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