Monday, December 2, 2013

Thankful for our family

Dear Maya,

What a whirlwind beginning of the holiday season we've had! Here's the breakdown:

*Tuesday afternoon Grandma, Papa Stan and Tessa arrived. On Wednesday Aunt Bobbie, Aunt Kelsie and Baby Grace joined us for family time and an early Christmas gift exchange. You were as excited to hand out the gifts as you were to open your own. You were also so good about sharing toys with your little cousin!


 *On Thursday we went to the awesome restaurant that Aunt Sue and Uncle Carl manage for a delicious Thanksgiving feast with the whole extended family. Afterwards we went to Nanny and Poppy's house for coffee, dessert, and, thanks to you, a dance-off. Your energy astounded us all!

*On Friday we had another Thanksgiving feast right here at our house. Aunt Rhi and mommy worked in the kitchen all day while daddy kept you out of our way. After Uncle Matt got home dinner was served. You mostly ate stuffing and Grandma's cranberry sauce. I think even Baby Grace had more turkey than you did!


*Saturday we went to a craft fair at Aunt Rhi's library with Grandma and you got to bring home what you call a "gingerbread man house" of your very own. Later while you napped Grandma made a special skirt for your birthday party later this month. Mommy is so excited to see you in it!


*Yesterday you and mommy went to another craft fair to visit our friend Charlotte's booth. Afterwards we went to a dollar store and finished shopping for daddy's advent calendar gifts. When we got home you took a nice long nap so mommy could finish wrapping them and slap a construction paper tree on the wall to line them up in front of. Starting last night you are in charge of finding the tag corresponding with that day and giving daddy his presents. You love gift-giving so this should be great number recognition practice for you!

Well, it's been a full day of crafting, cleaning, and elving. And much more holiday fun to come! Love you!

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