Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lions, Giraffes, and Zebras!

Dear Maya and Emi,

To make up for all of mommy's blog slacking lately, here's the second post in less than a week! Go, mommy! Actually, I want to post adorable Halloween photos of you two ASAP but since there are a bunch of them I figured a blog post is the way to go.

But first let me share a few pictures from Uncle Matt's birthday party earlier this week. Maya, you drew lots of creative pictures to make buntings for decorations. Your dollar store birthday gifts for him were Halloween decorations and a card with feet on it. So perfect!

Friday was your Halloween parade at school, Maya, and you insisted I dress Emi up in her lion costume to attend. It was a pretty good parade with drummers and really funny teacher costumes and great kid costumes, too. Your giraffe for school was pretty simple with just a dress and mask.

Tonight for Halloween, however, your giraffe costume was a little more involved. There was a headband and tail and lots of face makeup. Emi, you got a little makeup for your lion nose, too. Mommy completed our animal menagerie with a zebra headband and tail (though I looked more like a cat because my attempt at zebra makeup failed miserably and got washed off). Daddy got the easy way out--he borrowed Uncle Matt's pith helmet to be a safari guide/zookeeper.

We went to Millerton to go trick-or-treating and to the firehouse party with our friends. Maya, after requiring an adult to trick or treat at the first few houses, you and the other kids started going up by yourselves. Emi, you almost fell asleep in the stroller, but hung on until the end. It was a fun night.

Well, mommy needs some rest. Daylight savings is going to be messing with us all tomorrow!
Love you both!

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