Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pumpkins and a haircut

Dear Maya and Emi,

Mommy's going to try to make this quick because it's already past my bedtime.

We finally all were feeling better by the weekend so we went to pick out our pumpkins! While we were there we caught up with your buddies Wyatt and Natalie and their mom and dad. Emi, you kept picking up this one pumpkin so we had to get it. Maya, you kept chasing Wy-wy around as usual.

Also over the weekend, while mommy was cutting daddy's hair, you asked me to cut a little off of yours, Maya. Aside from your bangs and a fix-up job on the sides of your hair when you were playing with scissors, can you believe you've never had a real haircut? We trimmed off about 3 inches and your hair is looking a little less wild and is much more easily manageable. Mommy is still a little melancholy about the whole thing, though...

School has mostly been going really well for you, Maya. We did have one incident yesterday, though, where the teacher had to send home a note asking mommy not to put those cute little decorative picks in your lunch box anymore. I guess there was some poking going on and you got in a little trouble. We sat down last night and wrote a note of apology and, for you, a craft project of apology to bring in to the teacher today. Sigh...


And, Emi, you and mommy have been trying to catch up on our to-do list at home. You've been playing pretty well on your own--looking at books, playing with cardboard boxes, climbing on things (oh dear)--but your naps are still a little out of whack. After a few rainy days stuck inside, today's hike in the cool, fresh, fall air seems to have helped as you took two naps! Of an appropriate length! Hooray! Now let's keep that up.

Okay, well mommy really needs sleep now. Love you both!

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