Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sweet fruit, Sad farewell

Dear Maya and Emi,

Mommy meant to post on or around the weekend like usual, but we've all been so sick that I didn't get around to it. After your first four days of school, Maya, you managed to bring home some germs that hit you last weekend, then hit the rest of us one by one. Luckily we're almost done with it now.

The Saturday before last we went apple picking--well, grape, plum, raspberry, and apple picking, that is. Thankfully we got that in before the sickness set in as we wouldn't want to miss that yearly tradition. You both loved eating all that fruit! Unfortunately, the very next day you came down with a fever, cough, and runny nose, Maya, so we couldn't go see Nanny and Poppy for Grandparents Day and Poppy's birthday. We'll have to go visit them soon and tell them all about school!

Maya, you had to miss school on Monday of the first full week, but partway through the day you were already feeling better so back you went on Tuesday. You have been absolutely loving school! You run to the bus in the mornings and seem to be adjusting really well. Mommy went to the Open House last Thursday and got a good report from the teacher. You've also been bringing home lots of great artwork, worksheets, and projects every day. We're so proud of you!

(sorry for the bad cell phone pics to follow!)
sick Maya
sick Maya with a blanket fort and awesome castle blocks from Matt and Rhi
Maya all better and ready for school!
Emi, we've had good and bad developments as we adjust to our new routine. On the one hand, you've been exercising your independence, voice, and personality more and more. You're interested in clothes, objects that can be torn up (paper, cotton balls), and toys you don't get to play with when sissy is around. You also sing the "Clean Up" song and help put your toys away like a champ. The bad news is that you're skipping naps and throwing little tantrums now. We're working on it...

Emi ripping up cotton balls and organizing pieces on a plate from Aunt Sue Sue!
Emi playing quietly by herself with every toy she can reach--and then she helps clean up!
Emi insisted on wearing Maya's apron in the kitchen one day
...and accessorized with fabric on her head
Today we played outside since we were feeling better
so naptime was a success! Hooray!
We also had unexpected visitors this past weekend--Grandpa and Lori! Unfortunately it wasn't for a happy reason--your Great Great Aunt Carol passed away last week. She was an awesome lady and mommy is so glad that she got to meet you, Maya, and Emi when you were in mommy's belly. She will be missed but what a beautiful legacy of love, laughter, and longevity (she would have been 98 this week) she left for us to remember!

This cake was actually for Lori who ended up being here for her birthday,
but I'm sure she doesn't mind sharing the sentiment of the photo with Aunt Carol!

Well, mommy needs some rest. Love you both!

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