Friday, September 11, 2015

The first school week

Dear Maya and Emi,

We did it! We all made it through the first school week! The day before school started we took some family photos because Maya, you wanted a picture of us in your backpack to look at when you missed us. Awwwwww!

The night before, we picked out your clothes, set out your backpack, and mommy packed you a snack with the Japanese food picks I'd been saving for this day. Then, in the morning, we went outside for some obligatory first day pictures with mommy and daddy. You looked adorable!

The first day was actually just a short orientation for you and mommy to attend. You were super excited to ride on the bus and didn't bat an eye when I had to leave the classroom to attend some lectures. You sat right at your table and started coloring away.

And now three full school days have passed since that day and you're doing wonderfully! You don't report much about what you're learning, but you've been telling us about the kids in school and on the bus, and about playground time and naptime. And Emi, to keep ourselves busy while your sister is in school, we've been taking walks outside and otherwise being silly around the house. Mommy has taken more videos of you than photos lately, so I'll share a couple cute ones below.

Well, mommy needs some sleep for our fun weekend ahead. Love you both!

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