Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Princesses, bears, and pirates

Dear Maya and Emi,

So, what was once a weekly blog about you two has turned into just about every three weeks. To be fair, mommy has been blogging more regularly than ever on her website, so that evens it out, right? Come time to make your annual birthday photo books it's going to be a challenge, though, because there are also a lot less photos of you two lately. I knew the day would come when I'd stop taking out the camera at every funny face and new happening, but I didn't expect it so soon. Sigh...

Aside from the pirate pics, all today's blog photos are from my cell phone.
Now that the weather looks a little less like this I hope to take out my real camera more often!

This is the way our days have been going lately (at least when you have school, Maya--which with all the snow we've had lately isn't always the case--see above!) Emi, you could play dress up all day long, either with costumes and props or by mixing and matching your own clothes. And your vocabulary and grammar has suddenly exploded and you crack us up daily. The other day when daddy was talking you replied, "Oh, Baba! What am I gonna do with you?!?"

Along with all that cuteness, Emi, you drive us pretty crazy, too. You avoid the potty at all costs, though today you actually used it for the first time in ages. And you've gone several naptimes and even a night without needing a diaper. Fingers crossed for more news in that department!

Maya, you have been doing so well at school. You blew through that second box of Bob books in no time flat, even reading "polliwog" when you didn't actually know the word! And the sentences you create at school, not to mention your illustrations, always surprise me with their accuracy.

Happy bunny

Ice cream truck with music notes and customers!

The three buildings of Shimabara Castle with plum blossoms, plum trees, a red carp, and a yellow tatami mat!!!

The other weekend, Maya, you came with mommy to "The Music Man" at one of the local high schools. I really didn't think you'd be able to stay awake through the whole performance since it started at your usual bedtime. You did, though, and have been singing "76 Trombones" ever since!

Well, back to potty training and book reading and dinner making and business emails for mommy. Love you both!

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