Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Real days, real life

Dear Maya and Emi,

Tonight's post is going to be real. Probably more real than mommy's usual posts. We've all felt a little stressed lately. During your week off school for mid-winter break, Maya, you and your sister fought a lot. Emi, your potty training is going absolutely nowhere. And in general the fluctuating temperatures and weather outside and occasional colds/bouts of asthma/etc. inside have got us all feeling a bit of cabin fever.

A few days ago mommy realized I'd not taken out a real camera to photograph you guys in ages. Part of that is having a new camera that I was afraid of using around you, and part of it was not being able to go outside for 'pretty' pictures because of the weather. So, I just started documenting our real life. The messes, the stained shirts, the awful stye on your eye Emi, the screen time stare for you Maya, and in general the trials and laughs of our daily lives. Here goes:

Superhero day at school--thanks for the shirt, Rhi!

She's just about through the next box, too!

She prefers the bread, but will eat the veggies, too. Meat she's not too fond of, though.

A nice walk on the Rail Trail with Maya the other day helped break up the monotony.

She will sit on this little potty forever and not produce. Note the finger in the nose, the bedhead, the stinky pillow that she loves, the cardboard tablet easel made from a stapled wine box. Yup, that's parenthood. 

You guys are certainly cute, though, and when you get along it's really sweet. Let's have more of that, huh? Love you both!

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