Friday, March 18, 2011

Bring on the green!

photo by daddy

Dear Maya,

Today is Saint Patrick's Day, and you celebrated your Irish heritage in style. 
First there was the felt shamrock headband mommy made for you:

Then the matching onesie (inspired by the ones created for you by our dear friend Chris):

And finally, a crazy pair of pants that mommy made for you out of a pair of her socks:

Put it all together, and you were ready to paint the town green! 
Somehow your mischievous look and posture in the pic below reminds me of a leprechaun, too!

Mommy and Daddy got to enjoy a little of the day's spirit, too, in the form of Irish coffee cupcakes. 
Espresso flavored cupcakes + whiskey flavored frosting = yum yum!
forgot to take a picture after dusting with espresso powder--
they were much prettier then!

St. Patty's Day isn't the only thing that's green around here. 
The snow is finally mostly melted, the clocks have sprung forward, and spring is starting to show its much-awaited presence.  You and mommy went outside two, count 'em, two days in a row for walks around the property this week!  This picture's a bit blurry, but I love how excited you look to go outside:

Check it out--no winter coat!

We went to visit the chickens that our landlady owns and you really seemed to like watching them. 

In other news, these last few days you've gotten even stronger. 
When we lay you down to lounge on your Boppy pillow, you try to sit up. 

 You succeed in getting yourself upright, but then usually end up bending over too far and need help getting back up.  It's not your fault your head is so heavy--you'll get the hang of it sooner or later.

You've been trying to turn your little tush over during tummy time, too.  You'll get there soon.

Well, mommy's exhausted and needs to get some rest.  Love you!

photo by daddy

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