Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brown, green, white, wet

Dear Maya,

This past Sunday marked the first day of spring.  We celebrated with a birthday party for your Auntie Rhi at Grandma and Stan's house.  You were dressed to the nines in your adorable brown, green and white dress which we got through the Thred Up swap site.  Mommy also bought a pair of brown pants and picked the brown headband out of a set we bought to complete your outfit.  You looked so so cute!

What mommy didn't realize until we were getting ready to head out the door was that absolutely everything we were taking to the party was color-coordinated with your dress.  There was the pretty brown gift bag that held a gift certificate for Harney & Sons local tea room.  Then there were the two kinds of cupcakes mommy made:  the brown and white Irish coffee ones from St. Patty's Day and these new green tea ones.

When we got to the party you surprised us by getting really fussy.  You just didn't want to stop crying even though you were dry, fed and not too cold or hot.  Mommy, daddy and everyone who was feeling well tried walking around with you to no avail.  When mommy was walking around with you she noticed that Grandma had finished making this teddy bear for you.  Can you believe how well this matches your dress, too?

Your mood seemed to improve for a bit when we got home, but then you weren't yourself during your nighttime feedings.  The next day, Monday, you were super cranky all day and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with you.  You didn't seem to have a fever or any diaper rash or other irritations.  We checked all the things we were supposed to look for when a baby is suddenly fussy.  The only thing we noticed was this:

Lots and lots of drooling.

You have been spending an awful lot of time lately trying to fit your whole fist in your mouth.  Any time you get close enough to us you try to suck on our hands, wrists, chins, noses and even cheeks.  We finally had to break out your collection of bibs because your constant drooling kept soaking through your clothes.  All of this plus your crankiness made us worried you were starting to teethe already, very very early.

Monday night you were still acting a bit off during your feedings and mommy didn't sleep very well at all.  She was a bit worried you'd be in a terrible mood all day again Tuesday and she'd be pulling her hair out.  But, wonder of wonders, you reverted to your cheerful self again first thing Tuesday morning, like Sunday and Monday never even happened.  I guess you taught us not to take your awesomeness for granted!

By the way, the weather this week has matched the theme of this post, too.  We've had sunny, warm days when we walked around and admired the green bulbs peeking out of the ground.  But just when we started to dream that winter was over and the brown landscape would soon be overrun with green, it turned wet and white with snow yet again.  Twice, even.  I think mommy's going to dress you in solid green from now on...

Love you!


  1. Oh my! I love this blog, and your cute cute baby is so cuuuuuuute!! :) Hope spring comes soon for you guys!

  2. Jen your such a great story writer!!! I LOVE reading your posts. Maya is so CUTE and getting BIG fast. It sounds like your enjoying yourself.