Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your quarter year favorites...

Dear Maya,
Yesterday you turned three months old!  Here are some of the things you've been loving lately:

1) Looking at your reflection

Mirrors are great, but in a pinch a window at night works, too--
especially when you live out in the middle of nowhere like we do!

2) Daddy

3) Quilt that Auntie Sam made

This awesome quilt was lovingly made with material from the summer kimono and obi sash
 that Auntie Sam and your mommy wore to a concert together several years ago in Japan.

4) Mommy

5) Dressing up (okay, you don't really love dressing up,
but you do love the attention you get when you're dressed up) 

This outfit from Auntie Charlotte you wore Sunday to
her son Wyatt's first birthday party where, by the way, you were
a) the youngest party guest, b) the only girl amongst all the little boys there and
c) so quiet and sweet as everyone cooed at you, pinched your cheeks and passed you around!

Yesterday was not only your three-month birthday, but also the four-year anniversary of mommy and daddy's wedding in Japan.  Aside from leaving you with Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi to go see Aunt Bobbie's musical earlier in the month, it was our only time apart from you.  We went out for Japanese food and ice cream while you hung out with Grandma, Papa Stan, Aunt Bobbie and Aunt Kelsie and her boyfriend.  They reported that you were an angel and that you thoroughly enjoyed watching American Idol with them.  :)  Mommy and daddy missed you but were quite refreshed by the alone time and came home ready to lavish you with our love and attention once again.

Happy quarter birthday!  Love you!