Friday, April 8, 2011

Little bitty baby parts

Dear Maya,

For a while now mommy's been meaning to post of pictures of some of your little body parts that won't be little for long.  Since she stayed up way too late tonight decorating cupcakes for daddy's birthday tomorrow (Buddha banana cupcakes anyone?), more photos and less words is a good idea, so here goes!

 your slowly multiplying eyelashes

your marshmallow cheeks

 the 'strawberry' on your sweet little hand

your bellybutton at bathtime

your big brown eyes

your wiggly little feet

 your little suction cup lip bump

your sometimes crazy bed-head

your hairy ears


your hare-y ears!

Okay, mommy's *got* to get to bed now.  Just know that we adore all these parts of you so so much! 
Love you!

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