Thursday, April 28, 2011

So long, Peter Cottontail

Dear Maya,

We celebrated your first Easter this past weekend and it was a really, really wonderful day.  We got you all dolled up in a pink dress from the ThredUp swap site, cute shoes mommy got from a patient at her old job, a headband mommy made, and would it be Easter without white tights?!?  

It was really warm so we didn't even have to cover up your pretty dress with a sweater or coat, and though it did rain, we were able to take some photos with you outside where there is finally some green!

We went to your great-grandparents' house first, and you got lots of love from everyone there:

Uncle Carl

Aunt Sue



Aunt Bobbie

After filling ourselves with yummy food and opening some cute outfits that Great-grammy gave you, we headed to Grandma and Poppa Stan's house for round 2, where you were loved up by:


Aunt Rhi and Uncle Matt

Aunt Kelsie's boyfriend Shawn

And mommy made some springy gifts and treats for everyone:

 And Grandma had some gifts for you, too--your first Easter basket and your first baby doll:

Then we headed back home where we had a few Easter decorations up:

The four days since Easter you've been practicing rolling over an awful lot, meaning that you've pretty much been in this position every time we turn around:

Actually, no, you've often been in this position, hoping we will come help you get your arm out:

Unfortunately you've not been sleeping well at all these past few nights and mommy and daddy are pretty exhausted and frustrated.  We hope you'll forgive us not knowing quite what to do--though we've both had experience with babies, it's our first time as actual parents and we're bound to make plenty of mistakes. But one thing will not change no matter how many tears are shed in the night (by you and by mommy!) and that is that we love you very much, little bunny.

Love you!


These two guys showed up right outside our window
the day before Easter, as if to say "Ha ha--It's not our holiday"

Competing for their lady love

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