Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shorter days, shorter nights?

Dear Miss Maya,

You are learning and growing in leaps and bounds. Lately mommy and daddy say to each other every day how smart, sweet and funny you are and how very very happy we are that you are in our lives.

This week you've finally mastered the art of hand clapping! You can make a sound when you do it and you sort of know when it's appropriate. Well, sometimes you do it just so that we will clap for you, but still...

Much to mommy's chagrin, your other new talent this week is clicking the button on the laptop to start and stop YouTube videos. We only occasionally use it to play songs for you, which now takes twice as long. :)

This week has been hard on mommy and daddy because it took you quite a while to adjust to the time change. Finally this morning you slept until 5:40 after days ranging from 3:00 onward. Thank goodness!

It probably didn't help your sleeping schedule that you got a flu shot at the beginning of the week. As always, you only cried for about 5 seconds and stopped as soon as mommy picked you up. You're such a strong girl!

Surprisingly, this week's other development did not affect your sleep. The night before last you went to bed with three teeth and woke up in the morning with four! Wouldn't it be nice if the rest came in that way, too?

Thank goodness for more teeth as they allow you to add more textures to your diet! This week you had your first bok choy at home and your first animal crackers at the library's mommy-and-me program. Yum!

Well, mommy needs to get some shuteye as we have a pretty busy couple of days coming up. We love you so so much and can't wait to see what you've got in store for tomorrow!

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