Monday, December 12, 2011

Your nose gets a-chillin'

a silly outtake from our Christmas card photo shoot

Dear Maya,

It has been a week full of wonderful winter-y Christmas-y fun with you, my dear.

On Thursday morning when we woke up there were a couple inches of snow on the ground. It was the perfect chance to try out your new snowsuit and your mittens. You didn't mind them as much as mommy thought you would, probably because you were too busy trying to eat the snow again! Mommy made a snowman just about your size and at first you didn't seem interested, but then you helped put his arm on (after taking it off a couple times) and even patted him on the head.

On Saturday we went with Auntie Rhi and Uncle Matt to cut down our Christmas tree. It was so, so, cold! Your mittens were in the wash and you wouldn't keep your gloves on, so daddy wrapped you tightly in a blanket with your hood up and snuggled you until we could find a tree and cut it down. We decorated it after putting you to bed that night, and every time you've seen it since, you've been drawn to the glittery ornaments like you were last week with the other tree. We just wish you'd stop trying to lick the glitter off of them!

This morning Santa Claus brought your first presents--a new crib and pretty bedding from mommy and daddy with a new crib mattress from Grandma and Poppa Stan! Auntie Rhi helped mommy put it all together this afternoon and when we put you in it you jumped around so excitedly. And when we asked, "Do you like it?" you quite clearly answered us, "Like it!" You brought tears to mommy's eyes. Unfortunately tonight when we put you down to sleep in it the first time you cried for a little while, but you'll get used to it soon hopefully.

And finally, the weekly foods-you-eat update. This week we went to the library's Mother Goose holiday party, and you ate your first baked sweet--a mini blueberry muffin! Since then you've also had blueberries in your morning oatmeal, some homemade bread daddy made into a sort of stuffing for you, and mommy's homemade chicken rice soup with onion, carrots, celery and radish (those last two were new to you). We also finally got you some good sippy cups that don't leak, but you're not drinking from them well just yet.

Well, mommy needs some shuteye in case you don't sleep well in your new bed. Love you!

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