Monday, March 12, 2012

Learning, loving, growing girl

Dear Maya,

Just a quick update post tonight as mommy's still trying to make up for the hour lost this weekend...

*We tested you with the most infamous foods from each of mommy and daddy's cultures this week. First you had a potato dish with liver in it (though the taste was very mild) and then you had daddy's homemade natto (fermented soy beans--an acquired taste but delicious to many and good for the brain). You loved them both.

Look at you eating your broccoli!
'Flossing' with the string to your Chinese lion puppet
*When it's time to get ready for bed, all mommy has to do is say the word "upstairs" and you run to the door at the bottom of the stairs. You enjoy crawling up the stairs (with us behind you) and are so proud of yourself when you get to the top. You've learned to open drawers, too, but that's not quite as endearing for us. ;)

I look at this picture and see you as a teenager--stop getting so big already!!!
Lots of scrapes from roughhousing lately, but not many tears--such a strong girl!
*You are continually interested in organizing, stacking and nesting things--Tupperware, baskets, colanders, you name it. Tonight Aunt Rhi and Uncle Matt gave you an early Easter present because they couldn't wait to watch you enjoy it--a stacking tower with holes for balls to funnel down through. You loved it!

It didn't take you long at all to figure it out-
then take it apart to make your own game out of it!
And you loved the box it came in, too!
Just a bit of mommy news tonight before signing off. This past week mommy spent a couple of days totally cleaning out your dresser and my own closet to recycle our unused clothes through the website I touted on this blog last week, ThredUp. Well, wouldn't you know it--the other day they announced the complete restructuring of their company: they will no longer include family to family clothes swapping, just overpriced consignment sales. Mommy was sad to hear it as so many of your cute outfits came from wonderful families through ThredUp. Luckily, mommy was able to send off 7(!) boxes of items to other moms and little girls who could use them and order some boxes for you, too, before the service shuts down later this month. Sigh...

Well, we've got a lot to look forward to this week--you sleeping until a reasonable hour thanks to Daylight Savings time, continued beautiful weather, St. Patrick's Day and Auntie Rhi's birthday. Oh, and have I mentioned how much mommy loves your new tendency to give me unprompted big wet kisses? I melt!

Love you!

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