Monday, May 21, 2012

Independent, silly, loving Maya

Dear Maya,

You have certainly been showing us your silly, loving and independent sides lately, and sometimes in quick succession.

Last week was Shawn's birthday. Between the cupcakes, ice cream and balloons you were already excited, but then Auntie Bobbie came home from her first year of college just in time for the party so you had even more people to pay attention to you and love you up. You really had a fun night!

You've been testing your abilities a lot lately, namely doing a lot of climbing in and on things you shouldn't be. It is kind of sweet, though, when you are so proud of yourself for getting up on a big chair and sitting, but it's also pretty funny when you find yourself unable to get back down.

You have also been developing a very important skill lately--feeding yourself. You've long been able to put a spoon that we pre-loaded into your mouth, but lately you've been getting pretty adamant about filling your spoon, too. Sometimes the results are pretty funny, but you're getting better at it every day.

This past weekend we spent a lot of quality family time together. In the mornings after breakfast we leisurely played and read books to you. You especially seemed to like the down time with daddy, snuggling with him and having him pull you around in your snow/water float wearing your hat like a little queen. You're too silly!

On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk up and down Warren St. in Hudson, stopping at the beautiful flower nursery there among other places. It was a hot but beautiful day for a stroll. Towards the end you were fed up with your stroller and decided to explore an alley on your own. Such a little independent spirit!


Well, it's bedtime for mommy. I need my rest to even attempt to keep up with you everyday!
Love you!

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