Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy little monkey moo

Dear Maya,

Mommy is posting a lot later than usual this week because we've been busy. This is what we've been up to:

  • Memorial Day weekend--We went to a few local yard sales with Auntie Rhi on Sunday, and then went to visit your great-grandparents on Monday.

  • Surviving--It's been hard keeping cool in the hot and humid weather we've been having, and then thunderstorms, hail and a tornado watch yesterday? Crazy!

  • Dogsitting--We've been taking care of Bridgette and Pugsley this week until their owner came home tonight. You really loved playing with and petting them.

  • Climbing--You continue to climb on EVERYTHING! You've figured out how much more you can reach in the world if you climb on this chair or that table. We're in trouble now!!!

  • Playing with blocks--Everyone in the house loves playing with you when you've got the blocks out. Today you even kissed mommy through the columns of our construction!

  • Eating--You've eaten your first raspberries, shrimp, ice pops (see note about weather above) and lime this week. The latter you made this great face when trying, but still ate it!

  • Loving family--You've had lots of good play time with Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi lately, plus Aunt Kelsie came over yesterday and we played outside with the hose.

Whew, we were busy. Hopefully this coming week we'll have a bit more time to smell the roses, er, peonies!
Love you!

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