Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mommy's little big girl

Dear Maya,

Thank you for another beautiful week and a beautiful year since our first Mother's Day together!

Mommy is feeling like treating herself to more downtime (hello! blogging a day late!) so this post will be light on words and heavy on photos! Since it's rainy and not especially warm today it's the perfect day to just play and cuddle with you as much as possible.

Last week mommy tried to make some homemade finger paint so you could create a Mother's Day masterpiece for grandma. You tried your darnedest to make it work, but it was more gunk than paint. After a quick bath to clean it all off, we tried again with crayons. Much better!

Your hair has gotten longer lately and a bit curlier, especially when it's warm and humid outside. It is really beautiful but sometimes has a mind of its own, getting in your eyes and flying all over the place in the wind. So, mommy did something this week she's long been wanting to do--no, not cut it! Pigtails! Sooooo cute!

We celebrated Mother's Day a day early with a trip to the park. It was a nice warm day so you and mommy even waded in the stream. You had a fit when we had to get out of the water and, as you often do when mad, you put your head down. Too bad it was right into the water! That calmed you right down! :)



On Mother's Day, family gathered to bury some of your Great Aunt Patty's ashes at the cemetery where your great-grandparents are buried. It was a beautiful day and you enjoyed running around finding sticks, stones and flowers as we honored her there.

Well, you're just about finished with your snack so it's time for me to put down the laptop and pull out some toys! Thanks so much for the flowers and the yummy cheese assortment I got for Mother's Day from you and daddy. I love you both so much!

P.S. Food update: You absolutely loved the peaches and cream trifle with ricotta that Auntie Rhi made for Mother's Day, but you decidedly did not like the imitation crab meat in our sushi last night. Oh, well.
P.P.S. Talking update: Yesterday when Auntie Rhi opened the door to come out of her bedroom you looked up and said "Hi, Rhi!" or something very close to it. Other than that you have learned that "No" is used to answer questions, but you still don't seem to understand the meaning. When asked things like "Do you want some lunch?" you sometimes quickly answer "No"--even though you would never turn down food!

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