Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful for so much!

Dear Maya,

Just a quick post today about our lovely beginning to the holiday season.

Thankful we had a few more days of nice weather and mommy made sure to get you outside to enjoy them...

Thankful for some relaxing time indoors, too, especially with daddy having a few extra days off this week...

Thankful for Thanksgiving at your great-grandparents' house. The food was great as was the company...

Thankful you were good when taking pictures for your first passport. Some outtakes are hysterical, though!

This last one cracks me up!

Well, time for mommy to get some sleep. Love you!

P.S. You're gaining several words a day now, it seems. Some recent additions: moo (when asked what a cow says and sometimes what a pig says!), oink oink (sounds similar to honk honk), tortilla, kiwi, turkey, happy, Nanny, Poppy, this, 'bless you' (mostly after you sneeze yourself), 'you're welcome' (mostly when you should be saying 'thank you' instead) and you now say the Japanese words for apple, salt and tomato when watching your language DVDs!

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