Saturday, January 19, 2013

Big girl, big news!

Dear Maya,

We've been rolling with the punches (i.e. your moods) better this week now that we've figured out your new nap schedule. It's also helped to work in a couple of fun outings between our errands and continued trip preparations. Plus, we've been more careful to be attentive to you when you need us to play or just listen.

On Monday, mommy had an errand the next town over so we took advantage of the spring-like weather and explored a new park. You were so brave going down larger and larger slides without hesitation! Your pants were soaked by the end of it, but you had so much fun. We even met a new feline friend there.

On Wednesday we had an appointment to go get your blood drawn for your 2-year checkup. When the same nurse from last week's head-measuring fiasco walked in, we were doubly worried about how you'd react to her pricking your finger and squeezing out your blood. Boy, did you have us fooled! You sat still and quietly watched her do it! You! Still! Quiet! Daddy and mommy couldn't believe it and we were so, so proud of you. Plus, all the results came back perfectly fine. Awesome.

Tea party with mommy
Check out that raised pinky!
Tea party with bunny and octopus
Grocery shopping :)
Chatting with daddy
This morning, despite the chilly temperatures and wind, we decided to go out for a family hike. We paused here and there to take pictures, look at airplanes, and watch a cross-country skier and some dog-walkers, but otherwise you walked the entire hour and a half up and downhill by yourself. And napped well for it!


pic by daddy
pic by daddy

Two updates before mommy signs off for the night:
One is that your alphabet and numbers are getting more accurate and clearer every day! You've also added other songs to your repertoire such as our special naptime/bedtime song, the Clean Up song, "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Old Macdonald." Another cool thing you've started to do is 'read' books with mommy before naps and bedtime. They're the same books I've been reading for ages, so you know some of the words and most of the intonations I use when reading them, so you just plug along with me. It's really amazing!

You FINALLY tried on these adorable boots Grandpa got you...
granted it was over your footie PJs, but you made it work! 
And, you FINALLY started wearing this adorable apron mommy had made for you.
It is so fun to see you 'cooking' away in your little kitchen!
Aren't these felt veggies from our friends in Maryland adorable???
The second update is about our trip--we're going to Japan! In a week and a half we'll be flying to Tokyo, where we'll stay a couple days and see some family members. Then we'll fly down to Nagasaki where you'll meet your grandparents for the first time! We'll spend about three weeks with them, then spend a couple days in Osaka to see a few other family members before flying home. Mommy and daddy are nervous about travelling with you, but we're so excited to introduce you to everyone and everything!

Your hysterical birthday present mashup idea:
rolling your shopping cart back and forth across your giant floor piano mat!
 It doesn't sound as awful as you'd think...
Army crawling across the piano
Dramatically reclining on the piano
Well, mommy is pretty tired so it's time to sign off. Love you!

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