Saturday, January 5, 2013

How old are you?

Dear Maya,

Well, it's been a very special week around here--you turned two years old! Sunday was your birthday and when you woke up in the morning there were two big presents waiting for you: mommy and daddy had gotten you a play kitchen and accessories, and even better, Grandpa had arrived late the night before!

(sorry, dad--it was too cute not to put in the blog post!)
We had your party later that afternoon. Since 'octopus' was one of your first difficult words and you have always seemed interested in them, we had a red and teal 'octopus garden' party for you. You were dressed in the perfect outfit thanks to an online friend of mommy's who appliqued this adorable shirt for you.

Planning the details was so much fun. Daddy helped make octopus 'lanterns' to hang in the dining room and mommy made fabric buntings. Mommy also spent ages 'ruffling' the streamers to make a waterfall behind your high chair. Daddy was the amazing pizza chef again this year and mommy made the blueberry cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes, and yellow mini cupcakes. We ordered adorable cupcake toppers from Etsy and mommy made you a mini cake with 'tentacles' of fruit leather and Cheerios. It all came out really well.


You had so much fun with all our family and friends! Your buddy Wyatt kept you on track by helping to open your presents. When it was cake time, you blew out the candle like a pro. Then you ate your cake slowly, sharing icing with your Great-Grandpa and even taking a break for some celery!

photo by Grandpa

these two celery photos by Grandpa

Cake overload--you didn't even come close to finishing your mini cake!

The morning after the excitement of your birthday party you finally got to do something you'd been waiting days for--go out to play in the snow! Since you had a runny nose for Christmas we kept you inside so you'd be healthy for your birthday, but on Monday we couldn't coop you up any longer.

Next three photos by Grandpa

You had a good time playing, but most of all you seemed to enjoy eating the snow. We built a weird snowman/bunny creature and you chomped half the nose right off of it. At that point Mommy and Grandpa took you for a walk down the road and then we brought you inside to take your nap. All the while, daddy was outside perfecting an amazing little igloo for you. Unfortunately you had to be bribed to actually go inside it when we went outside for the second time after your nap.

Well, here's wishing you and all our friends and family a very happy 2013! Love you!

P.S. You have so many new words! Now when we ask your name you can answer "I'm Maya" and you can say "I'm two" when asked your age! You've also picked up these words: green, kitchen, chicken, broccoli, funny, 'baa' and sheep and 'oo-oo ah-ah' and monkey. Great job!


  1. As always your Maya post are amazing. She is so beautiful, growing too fast. Love the photos, (grandpa looks good in an apron). Happy Birthday Maya - Happy New Year. Thanks for sharing, my heart is smiling.

  2. Thank you! Do we know who you are, anonymous? :)