Saturday, March 16, 2013

One, two, choo choo

Dear Maya,

Last Sunday we had a surprise baby shower for Aunt Kelsie. You had been napping and when you woke up and mommy took you downstairs to all those people in your space you weren't very pleased. After a while you warmed up and started playing with the other kids and the balloons. It was a lovely party!


Grandma, Poppa Stan and Aunt Bobbie had been visiting for the shower and then left on Sunday afternoon. That is probably why you were so very clingy and cranky over the next few days. It was almost like you were a newborn again, wanting to be in mommy's arms all. day. long! It was sweet but also trying at times.

Wednesday we went grocery shopping and then visited your great-grandparents. You were cranky and noisy in the stores but good at their house, of course. When we got home that night you were so overtired that it was hard to get you to bed. That almost never happens with you so we were surprised.

Thursday Auntie Clare came to visit from London! You had so much fun cooking 'pies' for her in your play kitchen. She stayed overnight with us and the next day when we took her to the station you were sad to see her go but impressed by the train. On our way home you even got a train book out from the library!

And, to end this post, mommy would like to brag about your new accomplishment--you are really counting now! For the last few months you've been able to say your numbers up to 12 (after that they usually all sound like "uhn-teen") but now you actually seem to realize that the numbers are used to count things. You even counted several small groupings of toys mommy showed you this morning without using your finger to point to them, instead just following them with your eyes! We were so impressed!

Love you, clever little girl!

P.S. Last month in order to keep you calm on all the airplanes, mommy and daddy reintroduced the pacifier. As you can see in the pictures in this post, due to jet lag and your head cold we still hadn't managed to break you of the habit again...until tonight! After dinner we made the trek out to the dumpster like we had in November and you threw away your 'binky' (or 'gwinky' as you call it) and said goodbye. Then we came inside and you ate a yummy cupcake and forgot all about it. You whined a little at bedtime but hopefully everything will go smoothly tomorrow...

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