Monday, August 5, 2013

Q is for Queen

Dear Maya,

"Who's the queen of the house?" If we ask you this question, you answer a different person each time. If you ask any of us this question, we pretty much always answer Maya. This week you've had plenty of attention and so it's no wonder that you think the world revolves around you!

On Wednesday, mommy's friends Megan and Paul came to visit. It didn't take you long to warm up to them and soon you were asking them to follow you to this room or play together with that toy. It was really sweet. On Thursday we all hiked to the local waterfalls in the morning and then hung out indoors due to rainy weather. You enjoyed playing with the fun toys that they brought you and even more so the wrapping. After your nap on Friday you were pretty sad that your new playmates had departed.

Then on Saturday night Aunt Bobbie and Billy came to visit so you got to play with them all Sunday morning. You had them following your explicit instructions on how to play with foam stickers. That night with yet another set of playmates gone, you tried to join Matt and Rhi's card game--you used a bench to climb up and get a set of doggie game cards that were too high for you to reach, picked them all up when they fell and scattered, then went to their table to join in. It was so adorable!

You caught on pretty quickly to the letter "Q" and the key word "queen" this week. To our surprise you've also picked up some pretty specific words such as hummingbird and sunflower. You've been mimicking the adults around you in other ways, too, by brushing your teeth more accurately (instead of just chewing on the toothbrush) and trying to help us cook almost every single meal. Usually you make it harder for us, but you just love touching the ingredients and mixing everything together.

Well, it's getting late and you've been up early lately so mommy needs some shuteye!

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