Monday, October 21, 2013

It's autumn all right!

Dear Maya,

We've been doing lots of fun and fall-y things this past week...

Last Tuesday we went on a field trip with the library group to the fire house for fire prevention week. You were very shy and didn't leave mommy's side most of the time, but you did seem to enjoy checking out the inside of an ambulance and a few different fire trucks.

In Japan, fall is known as a time to appreciate high culture. In that vein, you've been reading, making music and have established a new hobby as well--sculpting! Daddy took out his modeling clay and you have spent hours quietly molding it into balls, snakes, and other shapes. Hours! Quietly! What a discovery!

In the US, of course, one association we make with autumn is pumpkins. Last night we painted some of our pumpkins and, surprise surprise, you made quite the mess. We have quite a colorful and eclectic front stoop going on right now, though. And your abstract designs are quite lovely.

This weekend after a quick visit with your great-grandparents, we brought home the bike they had for you at their house so you'd get to ride it more often. Today you spent a while going up and down the quiet back road behind our house, very, very slowly. You'll get the hang of it sooner or later.

This afternoon you and mommy raked up a big pile of fallen leaves in the front yard and then Rhi came out to jump in them with you. Next Matt came home from work and then daddy, and the two of them threw you into the leaves. All of us piled the leaves on top of you and you loved every minute of it!

Oh, and by the way, the milkweed obsession is still going strong. Every time we go outside you grab pod after pod, pull out the seeds and watch them fly out of your hands. By the time you're done, the grass looks like it snowed!


Well, we've got another fun day planned for tomorrow so nighty-night. Love you!

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